Norway Hazaras Protest Against Violence in Quetta » norway-oslo-hazaras-protest-hussainaliyusufis-assassination-quetta-pakistan-8


  1. While the murder & barbaric persecution of the innocent are carried out in Afghanistan, the “champions of democracy” , including the USA, Great Britian, all the Western powers and the so-called civilized institutions such as the United Nations remain as spectators on the side.
    As an Australian,”Lest we forget” means not to forget or allow a repeat of war,extermination,genocide,ethnic cleansing persecution of any peoples.
    Innocent men,women & children are living in fear for their lives.
    If you do not speak up against this, you become a spectator & you condone by your silence.

    visit .It will open you eyes.

    ” The policy of the Taliban is to
    exterminate the Hazaras”
    Maulawi Mohammed Hanif, Taliban
    Commander,announcing their policy to a crowd of 300 people summoned to a mosque [after killing
    15,000 Hazaras people in a day]

    ” Hazaras are not Muslim. You can kill them.
    It is not a sin.”
    Mullah Manon Niazi
    Governor of Mazar-e Sharif
    Speaking to a crowd in a mosque after the
    fall of mazar city

  2. i live in austria and i help the hazara people in pakistan and afghanistan.

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