Posted by: Editor | June 23, 2009

Tanzeem Condemns Agha’s Murder, Shutter Down Strike in Quetta

Quetta June 23–Tanzeem Nasl e Nau Hazara Mughul has condemned the brutal murder of Syed Talib Agha, former member of Hazara Students Federation. In a press release, Tanzeem said the Provincial Government has totally failed to provide security in the city.

A complete shutter down strike is being observed in Quetta city today Tuesday, June 23 2009.

Tanzeem condemned Talib Agha's murdered.

Tanzeem condemned Talib Agha's murdered.


  1. i just want to say that we will not have one of these leaders any more like syed talib agha my objection for the hdp and hazara jirga is that they do not take any action against the killing of talib agha they are just sitting and watching all of these and doing no thing they r just for name leaders all of them are un educated and un employed and they come and say that we are the leaders at last i would like to say that these parties should take a step and perform their responsibilities thanks alot

  2. A fatiha was held in Chrismiste Island Detention Centre (Camp of Australia) By the refugeees who were detained in.

    • salam to all hazara brothers and sisters.
      in one hand i am glad that tanzeem has condemed that attack on hazara nation and in other it feels very un true and fake that they have written tanzeem condems.
      first the name of that organisation is
      AND this building or organisation belongs to hazara tribe not just tanzeem or mr SELFISH ghulam ali haidari who has made himself the chareman of this organisation, he i not honest to our great hazara nation and he has erased the name of hazara and now it is just TANZEEM which should be TANZEEM E NASLE NAU HAZARA.
      IF i am saying some thing wrong so please wright to me, i will be very happy.
      long live great hazara nation and down with those who are not honest with our nation.
      khuda hafiz

      • my brother the name of tanzeem is still tanzeem e nasle nau hazara mughul but there are no honest people remaining in there.
        i was a student in tanzeem e nasle nau hazara mughul. it was very strong and healthy organisation at that time but becoz of the selfish person ghulam ali haidari and the basterd sayed sultan. every thing is finished just remaining a big buidning where 2 snackes live and can not exept anyone to inter that building doesnt matter for them if this building or organisation belongs to HAZARA NATION.
        it was very beautiful before, nice and honest people was working there, alot of voletiers. a blood bank we had , abuzar gard for our nation. but look now there is nothing left.
        forget it man i pray that ALMIGHTY GOD give him the punishment he deserve.
        khuda hafiz

  3. a fatiha khawani for syed talib agha and a shuhada seminar are going to be held in milton keynes england on sunday 26th july 2009.

    aaddress khoja mosque peverel drive granby milton keynes mk1 1nq
    time 2pm to 6pm.

  4. every one think bad of aslam raisani,but he dont care because his people is behind him,thats why they are strong.if we stop talking againts khaliq and just him chance to work for our peoples.

  5. Haidar jan

    Even if a group claimed the killing.Do we have the courage to take our revenge and retaliate? Why we are waisting our time and becoming mental?
    We should push our aql wa ghayrat button to do something. We always used khanjar inside our community outside we are Robah… nothing more than that. Even the almighty allah will not help us unless we help ourselves.


  6. To Haidair (snake in the grass)

    This is the matter of great shame and degrace that the nation who is known for its bravity and liberalism has people like you. Your biased and prejudiced statment is spiteful and demeaning.

    It seems your mind is filled with shit and piss! This is the time that the whole nation is suffering loss, you are spreading shit of your mind and piss every one off!

    People like you are the messengers who by their deeds doubt their relationship to their nation and even to their parents! May even be ‘Najaiz’.

    Shit to you Taifaqi thoughts, and Shit to your family for creating divsion in nation.

    Sorry Readers, sometime must descipline sternly.


  7. I am sorry to see my nation dieying in this horific ways. I have nothing to say exept we are getting Beghayrat day by day. We should not call ourselves Changizi anymore or showing our Khanjar only used inside our community. Not even once for the enemies.

    As Razia Batool said even we get more and more beghayrat wa as khod begana.Khob dokhtary mo mora Awgho,Baloch,Punjabi … Who are our historic enemies offer their bodies and lives in order to have a beni beland shoy!!!!

    Be ghayrati ham had dara. No one can justify their action under the name of anything. Even you forgot the killing of Abdul Rahman and recently Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Hearing these things brings more shame to us. Shame on all of us including myself…. Again Shame on us to live in this humuliating life. Unfortunatly again we walk proud and forget soon these thinngs. One more where were you Syed when Shahid Yousufi was murdered????? !!!

    I have not seen your comment at all.Now half of the comments belong to you.

    Jawid UK

  8. We Hazara are the type of people who can never choose a leader or agree with a leader. During our history in Pakistan we did not have a leader who was supported by all or most Hazaras. Since the existence of HDP in 2004 we have seen great political changes among the Hazaras and I believe the HDP can lead Hazaras toward future in Pakistan.

    I read Khaliq Hazaras interview in dawn news and he said that they elect their leader every three years. Soon they select their leader again and I hope they select the one they think is good for the job not bad. Any way we Hazaras never agree with any of our leader just because some one else said that he is not good. Today I personally don’t support only Khaliq but I am the supporter of HDP who really work hard for us.

    Today we Hazaras getting better in economic, education, sports but why not open our heart and mind and support a leader who is supported by most. Why not wait for HDP to decide in their election to choose leader rather black mail our leader in every possible way we can. Its time to wake up mates for our won safety….

  9. yes mr (azad uk) khaliq done his best already and we heard abt that

  10. salam birara wa khuwahara wa madara
    mou bayad ki leaderai kho ra da pusht shi isthaath bashi . bayad kad leaderai kho saath bidi mou leader kho ra am da baray shi gab mizni.yag leader khob wa thalim yafta basha ki bilay azraa jan fida wa khub kar kana.wa bayad ki azraa shira support kana. agar mou azraa support na kani ,leaderai mou am aich kar na maithana.mou bayad support kani leader kho ra.wa da her jai shuna bilay azraa wa bilay birara wa familyai azraa wa bilay khuwaharai wa bilay qaum azraa mou bayad ki jan fida bashi her jai meeting khast wa protest shud bayad thamam azraaa bora da bilay protest. mou eeeee target killing ra rai shi ra bigri naki eeem roz leader mou ra shahid kad suba roz da khanay mou amda da bilay khuwaharai mou wa da bilay family mou taget juwana ilthamas munum az barai khuda da protest shamil shin wa az khatir family khud az khatir azraa na az khatir family khudun khu bain da protest.wa jan fidana kar kani thaki targetkilling zyaad paish nara. bas diga yago kas target na shuna.
    muala madad
    luv u all azraa qauma

  11. my dear brothers,

    Such brutal incidents show that our leaders do nothing and take no steps to force the current provincial Govt. for so called actions. I dont know why MNA and MPA are still on their seats, they should be wiped out of their seats and leave their party. we gave them votes but they do nothing. Nawab Raisani is the chief currupt leader of balochs who do hashish and chars business, do smuggling with his family and is involve with curruption. I dont know why the Federal Govt. do not take notice against the present Provincial Govt. we should enforce full demonstrations and shutterdown stike against the present Govt. force the foreign office from outside the country to put pressure on the Federal Govt. of their attrocities.

    I dont know our youths do not counter attack on such elements, there is no reaction from our youths, they should also start target killings as they do.

    The current leader of HDP is not suitable for such crises, HDP should consider over his leadership and leave Khaliq and change him to any other suitable person. Khaliq a person whose character we know well can never run HDP, we should force the current leadership of HDP to eradicate him as soon as possible and choose the most suitable person. HDP have not fulfilled their responsiblity, they did not achieve their tasks, even their Leader who was killed brutally. shame on the leadership of HDP.

    Pakistan, a country whose president is called Mr. 10% all over the world, who always need help from the others, whose bank account is billion of dollers in foreign countries but he visits different countries for help, khairat and Beeg, shame on PPP and their leadership, such a corrupt and harami Govt. we have never seen before.

    I hope that our youths and nation will resign the current MPA and MNA and take actions as soon as possible.

    God bless you all

    M. Hussain

    • If not Khaliq than who??? All other leaders apart from HDP playing lodo and snooker all night and days. Leave HDP alone for now because they are longer in politics than you and me. We are in deep crises now, there fore changing our leader create another problem not solve the current issues. Khaliq do his best now and all the HDP leaders have choosen him, there fore we should follow them at the current situation.


      When we are out of this situation than we will decide.

    • dera birar

      schakspear said the most easy thing in this world is critics or blame i read your statment ok if hdp remove khaliq are you ready to fulfill his position ? will you spend your day and night for hdp of course not lrt them do their job lets support them.stop talking bu;shit

  12. beyar qabel mozamat asta khili zeyad

    y? our leaders or killing like this?by hom?

  13. Salam tamam Qauma,
    I am in a deep shock with your comment, Haider, who are you? please introduce yourself, and where are you from?
    Every time when any NOTEABLE or PROMINENT leader is KIlled, instead of thinking the motives or intensions behind it, some people emerging as “ABUSQAL” emerges and trys to divert the situation, and turning towards senselessdirections.
    I am giving you the information without any hessitation, that everyone of us and specially every NOTEABLE and PROMINENT personality is on the HITLIST.
    So Qauma please be REALISTIC and ANALYSE the whole situation in a very Cool mind, and I suggests that, LET US MAKE A TARGETLIST of those bloodys now and come into action.

  14. No amount of words are enough to condemn this cowardly and barbaric act.

    May their souls rest in peace and the family finds strength to bear this infintely great loss.

    I wanted to know if any group has claimed this brutal act? Let’s not forget there are opportunists everywhere who would want to benefit from confusion. Talib Agha was a political person and in this line of business there are many enemies.

    If L-e-J wants to target the so-called Hazara political leadership, then why don’t they go for the ‘supposed’ big fish we have, like the sardars in the shape of Saadat, Nisar and Mehdi?

    So the point is that this could be because of personal rivalry that Talib Agha have rather than targetted genocide.

    We should not discount this dimension.

    • Haider–try to use your brain to the point. Every one in our community knows the killer group, alas if you don,t know. Just look at the methodology of murderer–a monopoly of a typical killer.

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