Posted by: Editor | May 18, 2011

6 Hazaras Killed, 4 Severely Injured in Sariab Attack

6 Hazaras were killed on Wednesday in Sariab, Quetta. File Photo HazaraNewsPK

Quetta: In the latest terrorist target-killing of Hazaras, 6 were killed and 4 severely injured on Wednesday May 18  in Sariab area of Quetta. Unknown persons opened fire on a vehicle of Hazara vegetable-sellers on their way to Hazar-Ganji market. The assailants attacked the vehicle in Kili Koharabad area of Sariab. Injured were moved to Bolan Hospital. A doctor from the Operation Theatre confirmed to HazaraNewsPk six were dead, and four severely wounded.

Its the second major attack of target-killing on Hazaras in the month of May. Two weeks ago, 8 people were killed in an attack on Hazara Town, when unknown armed men fired rockets on a football ground and cemetery.

Hazara vegetable-sellers of Hazara Town and Mehrabad go to Hazar Ganji market everyday for buying vegetables. They have come under several attacks. In a similar previous attack, 2 were killed in October last year, and 3 were killed in March.

Target killing of Hazaras took a peak in 2008 and 2009. More than 400 people have been killed, but non of the terrorists have been arrested so far. Chief Justice of Pakistan Supreme Court asked the Government to submit a 3-year record of the target-killing in Balochistan. The Chief Justice of Balochistan High Court also took a suo moto  notice of the Hazara Town attack and ordered judicial investigation. There have been judicial inquiries and committee investigations in many previous attacks on Hazaras, killing dozens in a single ambush, but none of these judicial commissions or investigation reports have helped to find the attackers, who come on vehicles in broad daylight, despite the heavy security check posts in Quetta, and kill innocent people.

Sectarian militant groups claim responsibility for most of such attacks. For the latest previous attack on Hazaras this month in Hazara Town, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an Al-Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility. Heads of militant organizations like LeJ and Sipah-e-Sahaba move around the country freely, holding rallies in Karachi and Lahore, but security agencies do not bother with them.


  1. I take your point Hazara. Maybe a bit strident but you got your point across. Can you suggest a solution for the continuing killings of your brothers and sisters in Quetta? Something needs to be done, particularly since the bloody Australian government have toughened their stance on asylum seekers arriving by boat. Is there no humanity left in the world?

  2. what r ur plans????wt do you wanna do next?shuhada ra jinaaza bal munin da tv bakwaas munin ya ago srs step bal munin……?????? jst say wt r ur plans???? i think u ve joined hands with enemy to destroy us.

  3. really sad incident, i jst want2 ask where the hell is our MPAs n MNAs, our political n religious groups,shame on you all,jst fight with each other you ve nothing2do with bloodsheds and sorrows of ppl.u r selfish.our every shaheed ll ask u ,wt did u do 4him. i hate all of u the religious n political party.our MNAs MPAsdnt even deserve our hatred. shame

  4. In the name of Allah who is the creator and saver of all the world,No one can erase a nation or comunity from the world. Every human beeing has the right to live in this world, but some cruel personnel who have joined the”lashkar e jangvi” think that they have the right to kill all who do not agree with their thoughts, but they dont know that so many have passed away from this world who were thinking like them.they should take a lesson from”Yazeed” and “feron”.Islam is the name of peace and love

  5. Another mislead new! Abottabad is in HAZARA district of UnPakistan! People of Hazara distrct are not the smae people of Quetta or Afghanistan Hazaras! Abbotabad Hazaras are Pashtuns r mix of Pashtuns and Punjabis! We have nothing to share with OSAMA IBNE LADEN or MULLA Omer! Hazaras or Abbotabad are not Hazaras of Afg!!!! Keep it in mind and be aware of matters!!!! Look and learn about the ground you are landing!! you have been lucky this time:)

  6. Forgot to write! With the permission of Great great creator the Tengri, the ALLAH! We have greater belief in Tengri Allah than wahabi Arabs!!! Arabs hate real ISLAM!
    ISLAM is peace for all!
    Tanrı, Tengri are Turkic names for ALLAH! Arabs who burried their daughters alive or we who love the mother NATURE!!!!
    I personally say NATURE is going to save the good HUMANS soon!

  7. NATURE will give you a lesson! Killing of Humans must stop at once! No more human killings! Arabs spread Wahabism to be victim of it one day just like Pakistan and Afghanistan!Heaven in the eyes of a good human :))))) The Wahabis eyes show all the story to you! They will never be successful because they hate everything! Even themselves!!!

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